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We call these ministries our "partners," but only in the generic sense that they are engaged in advancing the Church, the Bride of Christ, in ways similar to and compatible with us.

Some of these ministries we have contacted directly to request their permission to be listed here. Some of them we have not yet contacted directly, but intend to. We do NOT want to suggest that any or all of these ministries fully embrace us or approve of everything we say and do. Our ONLY reason for listing these ministries on this page is to give YOU something to click on that might assist you in your ministry efforts.



More Than Conquerors Prison Ministry More Than Conquerors Prison Ministry
One of the largest prison ministries, More Than Conquerors is an effective tool used by God's Holy Spirit to change the lives of hundreds of prison inmates across America. It was MTC Prison Ministry that got us started in prison ministry. If you are in a prison ministry or want to be involved with a prison ministry or want to start a prison ministry, these are the people to talk to. Scott is THE MAN!
Institute for Prison Ministry Institute for Prison Ministry
This ministry is directly associated with Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Wheaton is one of the best known and longest standing conservative Christian Colleges in America. Their prison ministry is every bit the polished and professional and Biblical ministry that the college itself has been for generations.
Hope Aglow Prison Ministry Hope Aglow Prison Ministry
This long webpage lists a number of simple steps any church can implement if it wants to being any level of prison ministry. Anything from becoming a pen pal to establishing a halfway house for inmates released from prison, your interest can be found here.

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