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In 1974, Wayne, a wise friend who owned His Word Christian Book Store on Busch Boulevard in Tampa a long time ago, told me something that I believe applies here. He said,

"There are two types of Christian books available. One is the type of books that everyone reads. The other is the type of books that everyone SHOULD read."

Most of the books I will review here will be from the second type.
If you haven't read them, you SHOULD read them!



The Beautiful Beast (2013) I just finished watching what just may become my favorite romantic comedy of all time. "The Beautiful Beast" is about a very rich, very spoiled, and very selfish woman who gets lost and happens across a cabin in the wilderness. The man who lives there treats her like an individual and not like a celebrity, and she does not like it. And they are deep in the wilderness, 25 miles from anywhere, with no phone, no TV and no Internet. Circumstances conspire to make her grow up, which she does with great anger and frustration. Excellent acting by everyone, especially the "beast" and her tamer. No profanity, no sex, no skin. And the movie deals with needing forgiveness, from God first and then from others and finally from yourself. It even shows the man reading the Bible. AWESOME MOVIE!! I found it by accident on Amazon, but maybe it is found elsewhere. I cannot recommend this movie enough.

Click here to watch it on Amazon

The Beautiful Beast
America's God And Country Encyclopedia Of Quotations by William J. Federer (2013) -- If you are looking for evidence that America was founded on Christian Principles, this is easily the best book I have ever seen on the issue. Includes "Profound Quotes From Founding Fathers, Presidents, Statesmen, Scientists, Constitutions, Court Decisions..."
You need it - this book has it! Indexed and Alphabetized!
Christianity and the American Commonwealth by Charles B. Galloway (2011) -- This is a series of five Lectures given by Galloway in 1898 at Emory College. These Lectures serve to present the Christian foundations of this Great Nation. Excellent material for discussions on this topic, but even more important for edifying the Christian Patriot.
How Do We Know The Bible Is True? by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge (2011) -- Straight from the cover - "How do we know the Bible is true? is based on the absolute authority of God's Word, not man-centered explanations. Clearly presented, it will help bring clartity in a world filled with increasingly vague notions of truth. This concise collection of apologetic truth contains over 20 relevant issues..." An excellent book for building your faith; not so good for creating faith in the unbeliever, this books builds on an existing faith.
War Room (2015) "Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon" -- Written and Directed by Alex Kendrick. The official description is "A seemingly perfect family looks to fix their problems with the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman." A better description might be "A husband begins to destroy his marriage and family and the wife gets awesome help from a friend." This movie shows us how spiritual warfare can save a marriage. An incredible movie, and extremely inspiring. I have seen just about every Christian movie ever made, and this is my favorite. Well-written and believable, and the acting is top-notch. I can say nothing bad or even mediocre about the movie. It is excellent in every way.
Agents of Babylon (2015) by Dr. David Jeremiah (2015) -- In this book, noted prophesy expert D. David Jeremiah explores the prophesies, dreams, and visions outlined in the book of Daniel, explains what they mean, and shows us how they apply to our world today so we can better prepare for what is to come. Jeremiah shows excellent historical insight and awesome spiritual discernment. You definitely want to read this book.

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